Sportsman Education

 Sportsman Education                                


ProLine Archery is pleased to partner with the NYS Department of Environmental Conservation in sponsoring Sportsman Education classes.  All courses are free to take and are taught by DEC-certified instructors. Although primarily offered for first-time hunters or trappers, anyone is welcome to attend a sportsman education course, whether it is for a refresher or an interest of the topic.


Sportsman education teaches future sportsmen and sportswomen how to be safe, responsible and ethical hunters and trappers. After successful completion of the required course(s), students will receive a certificate of qualification that must be used when purchasing a first-time sporting license.


To find out about courses being offered at ProLine Archery or anywhere in New York State, visit the Sportsman Education Course Schedule Online Registration page at ( ).  Registrations for all Sportsman Education programs may only be done online.

Some basic information on sporting licenses:


Hunter Education – Required for first-time hunters using firearm or archery equipment to pursue big game, small game, turkey, waterfowl and migratory game birds.


Bowhunter Education – Required in addition to the Hunter Education course (above) when using a bow and arrow to pursue deer and bear only. If bowhunting for other wild game, this course is not required but recommended.


Certificate Requirements in Other States and Countries: To verify whether a New York Sate Sportsman Education Certificate is accepted elsewhere, visit the International Hunter Education Association website to find certificate restrictions and requirements in all other states and countries. Most states and countries will require to see your hunter education certificate and will not accept your hunting or trapping license as proof of a certificate.


by: Bruno Lopes